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The commercial sculptures are custom personalized foam sculptures of great size for events, o for the enjoyment of your home of office; we also produce props for theater, cinema, productions, marketing, and more...

Creation Process of the Sculptures

Our commercial sculptures are made in polystyrene foam. These are hand carved with hotwires and the final forms are achieved with sanding; then the piece is covered with a hardcoat that hardens it. Finally paint is applied at client's taste.

Kinds of Sculptures

We work both figurative and abstract shapes, man-made or organic shapes.
Because these are hand-made, we don't work mathematically perfect shapes like spheres or mouldings.

Surface and Paint Finishes

We offer different surface textures: smooth, medium texture and concrete rough texture. Finally we paint it anyway you like.


We provide you with props (for events, marketing, productions, theater, tradeshows, tv, publicity, POS and theme parks) that because they are made in foam they are extremely lightweight, what permits easy and comfortable handling and because they are hardened with a special coating; they are very tough and impermeable. We finish and paint them at your specifications.

We make the prop just like you have it in your mind, if you you don't have an image in your mind of how it should be, we offer the concept design for you; we ideate and evolve the design until it completely meets your taste.

Artisan Sculptures

We also work artisan sculptures that are made with high quality wood like Mahogany, or clay sculptures, among other materials and mediums.

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