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Welcome to Oscarte Creative Center; your center of custom creative solutions!

We specialize web design of clean and light code on XHTML/CSS, social media campaigns, video creation and distribution, search engine optimization (SEO) and PPC and SEM campaigns.
We also work on custom commercial sculptures, props design and construction and traditional visual artworks. We also offer other services like graphic design, video editing, photography and concept design, between other creative services.

Web Design and Internet Marketing

Our web design is functional, accessible and attractive, with clean and light XHTML/CSS code; of easy and fast modification, and of immediate download. We also work Flash intros, banners, and headings. We produce and edit professional videos for a great impact for your website and for your social media campaign; and orient you on your SEM campaign and in your SEO. We also design your email newsletters and make your email marketing campaigns.

Commercial Sculptures

The commercial sculptures that we work are big sized custom foam sculptures, made with polystyrene foam and hard coated with a special resin that hardens and seals it. We work these personalized sculptures for events, props, cinema, productions, marketing, and more...

Traditional Art

The traditional artworks are made by puertorrican visual artist Luis Oscar Cruz; these are on various art mediums like oil and acrylic paintings, traditional graphic art, pyrography, wood sculptures, between other artistic mediums.

Personalized Art and Design

Wether you choose for a web design, a painting, a sculpture for your home or office, or let's say a foam prop for a thematic project (be it for cinema, an event, a production, etc.); all is made not just with you in mind, but the final product has your name and your taste all over it ; it's our creativity just for you.