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See our videos and navigate the photo gallery so you can see our traditional art projects.

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Traditional Art Gallery

2D Works

2D Works

paintings / drawings / engravings /

Lirio de Agua Rosada - Pink Water Iris

monotype on paper

Plena-quí en el prestigioso salón de Las Heliconias - Plena-quí on the prestigious Salon of the Heliconias

wood engraving on paper

La Clase de Arte - The Art Class

dibujo al pastel sobre papel

La Musa Pariéndome Ideas - The Muse giving birth ideas to me

serigraphy on paper

El Pan Nuezzzztro - Ourzz Bread

punta seca sobre papel

The Scarecrow

monotype on paper

Llegamos - We arrived

linocut on paper

Centenario de la UPR - Centenary of the UPR

serigrapgy on paper

Búscale Sentido - Search it for a Meaning

monotype on paper

Lluvia - Rain

monotype on paper

Vista de Alturas de Mayagüez - Sight of Alturas de Mayagüez

pastel drawing on paper

Sketch of Minority Report Lexus

digital art

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