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Is indispensable to have a good online presence, and one that fits your business personality and what your company is all about; even better if it is made with clean and meaningful code markup.

An online presence is the face of your business, that with a great logo brings credibility to your business, is like how you are dress for a meeting or how your brick and mortar looks like, you can't use the same ugly tie, suit and shoes everyone is using, or have the same personality everyone has; you have to be yourself, your company has to be unique.

The uniqueness is achieved with creativity, and Oscarte Creative Center fulfills what your business is all about with your business personality, and also meet the target market of your business.

En el diseño web nos especializamos en diseño funcional, accesible, atractivo, y de código limpio y ligero en XHTML/CSS; de fácil y rápida modificación y de descarga inmediata. También trabajamos intros, encabezados y banners en Flash.

We Move Traffic to Your Website

We prepare and edit professional videos for a great impact to your website and for your social meddia campaigns. These videos dramatically increase your trust and multiply the time that your visiturs remain on your site. We orient you on your Adwords campaign and on the optimization of keywords (SEO) to get your site high on the natural search-engine results (SERPS).

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Your Own List

We also help you make your list by building opt-in lists, and we design your email newsletters and make your email marketing campaigns.

Why XHTML/CSS is important?

The code in which your site is made is not something to ignore neither. Is your site is made the old way with table tags and font tags, that markup is not meaningful at all; and editing the code afterwards to make changes to your site is a mess. Not only that, but the code is not clean, It's design and typography is laid on every page, instead of only one CSS page in which every page on your site links to. When replacing table tags for XHTML/CSS makes your website so much lighter, but also easily editable. More importantly search engines find your content instantly because all the design jargon is apart in a CSS file. XHTML/CSS code is the solution.

You can count on Oscarte Creative Center for clean, light and semantic hand-coded CSS/XHTML as well as creative, functional and beautiful interfaces; all propelled with the power of videos and social media; for an excellent and unique online presence. We deliver solid results.

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